1. Select the Manage Enrollments tab
  2. Search by the records requiring the accounts merge 
  3. Expand the Batch Update Enrollment Records section of this page
  4. Click the check box next to each of the Not Attempted enrollments for the record that should remain active. 
  5. Select the Delete Selected Enrollments button. (Deleting these enrollments will prevent duplicate and/or un-necessary enrollments from appearing after the accounts have been merged). 
  6. Click OK when the pop-up window appears. Incomplete & Completed enrollments will need to be deleted individually).
  7. Return to the Active Users page and search for the record that should remain active. 
  8. Document or copy the User ID 
  9. Expand the user record by selecting View and click the Archive Employee Button
  10. Click the View Active Users button
  11. Search for and select the other employee record
  12. Select the edit button
  13. Change the employees ID to match the ID of the archived record, and select Update button at the bottom of the screen
  14. Select View Archived Employees
  15. Search for the record archived in step 9 and select Activate

NOTE: This will return a message stating that the archived record has been successfully merged with the active record   

  1. Click on the View Active Users
  2. Search for the User ID that was archived to verify the merge and the enrollments are correct.