10 Reasons to Fall in LOVE with the NEW Motive LMS:
  1. Simple user interface designed to be mobile responsive on all screen resolutions
  2. Multiple Tenant System enables organizations to initiate and customize multiple training instances to suit their particular training needs
  3. Integrated HTML 5 Content Authoring Tool for rapid development of responsive design courseware, so trainers can create courses in a matter of minutes
  4. User System Check Support to help users diagnose technical snags
  5. Activity Change Log for all areas of the system enabling administrators to research when and who made a change to user accounts
  6. New User Statistics Chart elements that provide insight into User viewing habits
  7. Calendar on Home page to determine quickly when enrollments are due by User
  8. Self‐Registration capability with email notification/verification of system access
  9. Restructured database that accelerates response time of all reports
  10. Enhanced Security to prevent CSRF exploits