SMEs often use PowerPoints for presentations and instructor led trainings so PowerPoint-to-online training is a popular and simple method for creating LMS modules. There are two ways to use PowerPoints to create training modules: 

1) Re-purposing the content into lesson pages

2) Saving and uploading the PowerPoint “as is”

Based on your training needs, you’ll need to determine which method is best. 

Converting PowerPoint slides to Lesson Pages
If the PowerPoint slides will require edits to the content pages and the module does not require the pages to have a specific corporate branded background, you can copy and past slides into lesson pages and also upload slide images.  *You will first need to save the slide images as PNG files before uploading to the lesson page. See below for instructions on how to do this.

Converting a PowerPoint “as is” Into a Training Module
If the PowerPoint does not require content changes and/or the corporate design of the PowerPoint must apply to each page of the module, then you may choose to use  the PowerPoint “as is” by exporting each slide as a separate image and uploading each image into a lesson page.  To convert PowerPoint slides directly into lesson pages, you first need to export the slides as individual PNG images. 

STEP 1) 

Saving PPT Images as PNG Files*
It’s helpful to first create a new folder to house your new PNG files.  Then open the PowerPoint presentation.  Select the first or desired page from the list and select “save as”.  Give the file the appropriate title and save as PNG into the folder you created.   Follow through the entire presentation saving all of the pages as PNG files.

STEP 2) 

Importing PPT Pages PNG files as Graphics
After you have the pages saved as PNG images, simply create a course using the Full Graphic page template and upload each PNG file as the graphic. 
Here’s how:  Follow the steps to Create Training Module.  Even though you are using the Power Point “as is” you will still need to add in module title and objectives, and lesson titles and objectives.   To create the lesson pages, select Create Page and choose the Full Image page format.   Import the PNG file as the graphic and save.  Follow this for all the pages in your module.  

STEP 3) 

Adding Audio

If you need to add audio to the module, you need create separate audio files per slide. You may do this by using the microphone on your computer to record separate audio clips.