1. Select the Manage Tab
    2. Select the Not Attempted link under the Enrollments Column.
    3. Filter Records by Status, Job Title or Location/User Group if needed.
    4. Expand the More Enrollment Filters.
    5. Search for course by clicking SELECT next to Course, then click Apply.
    6. Expand Batch Update Enrollment Records.
    7. Chose Completed from the Status drop down menu.
    8. Choose Pass (or Fail) from the Pass/Fail drop down menu.
    9. Enter the applicable score.
    10. Enter the date the course was completed.
    11. Scroll to the list of users displayed and check the box next to the names of users applicable to have the record updated to the score defined in the Score box (checking the box at the top of the table next to the word Name will select all records displayed).
    12. Click the Update Selected Enrollmentbutton.
    13. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up box

      Repeat steps 7-13 until all records have been updated accordingly.